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Typical Applications

Hurst provides Advanced Torque Solutions for customers in all of the major market segments. With over 50 years of motor manufacturing and gear experience we provide quality products at competitive prices. Check out one of our success stories below. 

Also, check out a complete list of typical applications for our motors.

Vehicle Electrification

When it comes to the steering mechanism on a car there is no margin for even one failure. Hurst is very proud that it's Brushless DC motor design was selected and utilized in full production of one of the first electrically assisted power steering systems. Many manufacturers were competing for this program, but Hurst provided the best performance at a competitive cost.

Business Machines

Every office has experienced the strong push for increased employee efficiency. Faster copies with near perfect image quality is the cry from today's office managers. Hurst was approached by a leading business equipment manufacturer to provide a solution for their motor problem. They needed a way to make their new designs operate much faster, but they couldn't tolerate extra cost and the extra wiring of current Brushless DC motors. Hurst solved their customer's problem by designing an easy to manufacture motor with an integrated electronic control module. By staying focused on being flexible, reliable and affordable, Hurst is now the preferred supplier for inner rotor brushless motors throughout this customer's engineering department.


Providing life saving treatments to patients is challenging enough without having equipment failures. Medical staff and patients often say those words of encouragement to key pieces of medical equipment - "Don't stop now". Hurst is a strategic supplier to numerous medical equipment manufacturers, but helping one manufacturer to provide a quiet pump was crucial. Like a dripping faucet when you are trying to fall asleep, a noisy pump administering important medications can drive everyone crazy.

Factory Automation

Putting more torque into a machine traditionally required using a larger motor. Starting and stopping this larger motor required the customer to sacrifice equipment process speed. Hurst was contacted by a major servo drive manufacturer to provide a line of motors with more torque but smaller size. Technically, they were asking Hurst to put their servo motors on a diet. Today, this customer is penetrating the market with motors that exceed their expectations for size and torque. Engineers at Hurst filed three new patent applications based upon solving the design challenges of this customer.

All Other

Anyone that has made a slide presentation using a motorized drop down projection screen can probably appreciate the quality of a HURST® induction motor. One of the largest manufacturers of these screens has been using a HURST® induction motor and gearbox to raise and lower their equipment for years. This customer realizes the value of using a known manufacturer of quality motors to help protect their reputation. For all of those meetings where "The Show Must Go On" count on HURST® induction motors to support you 100%.